How It works ?

Step 1

Click on the registration link provided to you by the person who introduced you

Step 2

Fill form and verify your account
Follow the registration procedure by filling required fields.

Step 3

Make Your Deposit
Go to deposit, copy the wallet address generated and make your deposit.

Step 4

System starts trading
The system will trade automatically for you 24 hours Daily

You make 4% Daily of your trading capital

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About Aiblackhorse Is a Trading Platform that offers digital currency service platform that uses artificial intelligence and algorithms to automatically trade digital currencies at low price and sell them at higher prices to earn the difference between the two.
AI Blackhorse Trading Platform allows you to place one fast order every 24 hours, each of which can generate profit. After twenty-four Hours the frozen amount will be returned to your balance and you will be able to accept new orders daily

Our Powerful app to connect it all

AI Blackhorse Trading Platform is providing intelligent high-frequency transaction services to users all over the world. In the high-frequency transaction mode of AI Blackhorse Trading, no matter whether the market is bull market or bear market, whether there are large market fluctuations or stable market, as long as there is a matching transaction, there must be a price difference, so that the small interest difference between purchase and sale orders in milliseconds will be collected and processed by the high-frequency technology, ensuring the stable revenue for customers by its fast processing all day long.

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